About Me

Hello, Tom Jones here, and contrary to popular belief, no, I'm not the singer. After graduating from Purdue (Boiler Up) and being a graphic artist now for almost 30 years, I’ve always had an eye and interest for photography. In the last five years I have devoted more time to learning as much as I can about landscape and night photography. My favorite subjects to shoot are the sun, moon, stars, Milky Way, International Space Station, lighthouses, and the agricultural farming community that is my home in North Central Indiana. I really enjoy planning out shots ahead of time and making them happen (make don't take), especially with the moon behind a foreground subject from a long distance away. I’m slowly working on my goal to get to every lighthouse in Michigan, and then eventually every one around the Great Lakes.

Photography is definitely my creative outlet.  It really humbles me that people would actually want to hang my work in their homes or places of work, and that makes me strive to get out there and continue to make pictures. Thanks for visiting my site!